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 French Institute Canada-FIC

  (Institut Français Canada-IFC)

   Non-proft  French Teaching organization
   (Organisme d'enseignement du français à but non lucratif).



Voluntary opportunities.


In exchange of receipts, French Institute Canada accepts the following help :   i)     Donations et legacies

ii)    Other forms of contributions include

        *      Promotion of FIC Teaching services and activities.

        *      Taking care of our fundraising campaigns’ costs.

        *      Fundraising campaign training.

        *      Gifts for donors.

        *      Office stationaries …

        *      Establishing links to our Website.

        *      Others…


Joining / Becoming a Member of FIC

I hereby affirm that my application to become a member of FIC is motivated by good intentions, by Values of Love and Fraternity.



Devenir membre de French Institute Canada 

J'affirme ,solennellement, que ma demande est motivée par                           de bonnes intentions,  par des sentiments d'amour et de fraternité.




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