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French Courses - description

a)   Source: based on the Quebec Government's French Curriculum

b)   Contents: Phonetic, Grammar and Vocabularies.

c)   Skills: oral (expression and comprehension) and written (expression and         comprehension).


Business French Courses. Description
The focus is on rapid development of skills required to communicate effectively with confidence on various matters related to Business World. (Banque, Insurance, Communication)
Business French Programme is made up of 3 levels.
• 1 for beginners,
• 2 for intermediate
• 3 for advanced.
Each level consists of 3 modules.


Learning French via SKYPE available.


d) Objective: help students develop abilities in the use of phonetic and grammatical rules, as well as to acquire skills in the employment of different contextual vocabularies and expressions.

e) Approach: the use of stimulating methods to help develop communication    skills and acquire translation techniques for different purposes such as:

    - School’s exams,

    - professional promotion,

    - New job Opportunities.

f) Expected Results: at the end of their courses, students are prepared to:

   - Accomplish communication tasks such as giving and obtaining information, describing daily routines, giving and following instructions, receiving and asking for opinions, making simple oral and written enquiries (communication interaction).

  - Sit French language Proficiency Exams such as Delf, Dalf, and TEF…

    (See FAQ)

g) Levels: basic, intermediate, advance, master. Please see détails below.


Level 1 – Basic Introductory. Duration: 5 - 6 weeks .  Register now

Cost: $105.  

Expected Results: Being capable of understanding and using simple expressions in response to concrete situations in every day life.


Level 2 - Intermediate level. Duration: 6 - 8 weeks.  Register now.

Cost: $125. 

Expected Results: Being capable of understanding simple expressions pertaining to personal and family life, work, and shopping; being able to give simple descriptions of one’s training and discuss one’s day-to-day life.


Level 3 – Advance level. Duration: 5 - 6 weeks. Register now.

Cost: $125

Expected Results: Being capable of understanding key points when addressed in clear and standard language about such familiar subjects as work and hobbies; being able to express oneself about familiar subjects and fields of interest; having the ability of understanding key points in complex texts or technical discussion within one’s field of expertise; being in measure to express oneself in a clear and thorough fashion on a wide range of subjects.


Level 4: Autonomous level. Duration:  5 - 7 weeks.  Register now.

Cost: $125.

Expected Results: Being capable of understanding long texts and implicit information; having the ability to express oneself in an effective, flexible, and well-structured manner on complex subjects; being in measure to understand practically all information, without significant effort, in both oral and written circumstances; being capable of expressing oneself spontaneously, precisely, and with a great deal of fluency on complex subjects.


Business French Courses.   Duration: 6 weeks for each level. Register now.

Cost: $150  for each level. 

Expected Results: Being able of acquiring required communication skills to conduct daily business affairs.


Translation Study. Package rate of  8 to 10 weeks course on a chosen subject.  Cost: $150. Register now.

Expected Results: Being familiarized with techniques for rendering and communicating the meaning of words or text from English to French; while taking into consideration, the grammatical and historical aspects of both languages, as well as their social and cultural representations.


Registration procedure

- Step 1: Fill in the contact form below.


- Step 2 : Upon reception of your payment, you will receive information on                     how to sit a placement  test, and then to  access to your Course.


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French Courses

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