Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question = FAQ

Q.      Is it important to read and understand the refund policy before registering?

A.      Yes.  

Q.      Why is it important?

A.      There is no refund for courses paid for. Please read instructions carefully before proceeding to register. 

Q. Do you accept financial aid?

A.  Yes, French Institute Canada is a state-recognized and fully-accredited         institution.  As a result, we accept payment from all major financial and           government providers.


A.  Can I transfer old credits from my previous studies?

B.   In most cases, yes.  Prior to enrollment, send us certified copies of your          transcripts and we will review them to determine which credits are                  transferrable. 

A.  Can I transfer my credits from French Institute Canada to other             schools?

      Definitely.  All of our course are fully accredited and may be eligible for         transfer to other institutions. Contact your financial institution to ensure         all credits will be accepted.


Q. What is the procedure for registration?

A.* Fill in the Contact Form below.

    * Upon reception of your payment, you will receive information on how to        sit a placement test, and then, to access to your Course.

Q.  Is a there a Customer Service?

A. Yes. We pay special attention to each of our students and ensure that they         are quite satisfied. At FIC, it is the close contact with customers that               matters, not the distance.

Q. Do I have to attend classes?

A. No. But On-line Classes can be held via Skype.

Q. Why is it important to learn French?

A. There are a great number of everyday situations where bilingualism is            required. French is an international language used every day by a high            percentage of people both in professional and social fields.

Q. Are there starting time and Completion dates for the Courses?

A. No. There are not. You follow the same curriculum and obtain the same          results as in regular classes, the only difference is that you choose freely           your time, place and rhythm.

Q. Do printed books come with my program?

A. No. But you can order them.

Q. Are courses available in English?

A. YES. From Introductory level to intermediate level, the instructions are in      English, but the tasks are in French.

Q. Can I have a certificate or diploma after I complete the course?

A. YES. Upon completion of your course, you are issued a Certificate of               achievement. In addition you can sit French Language Proficiency Tests         such as Delf, Dalf, Tef.

Q. What do «Delf, Dalf and Tef» stand for?

     DELF is Diploma in French Studies or a certification of French Language      abilities for non-native speakers of French.

    DALF is a Diploma in Advanced French Language Studies to certify               foreign students’ French competences.

   TEF or e-TEF exam is designed to assess the level of French language of        people who are not native French speakers.

Q. Does French Institute Canada have a Certified French teacher?

A. We have well a qualified and experienced teacher. Dr. Priscilla is a                  member of Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). She is friendly,                        professionally and familiar with new pedagogical considerations:                    individual approach, learning strategies and challenges of French as a            second language.

Q. How does the project «Restore Hope to Young Nigerian Girls» relate to        French Institute Canada?

A. Our Institute is engaged in action in favour of Young Handicapped                 Nigerian Girls with Sexual Abuse Bruises. We campaign to Raise Funds         for this project.




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