Étiologie du drame africain.

    Essay by Dr. Priscilla Uche, lecturer at French Institute Canada  






Etiology of African tragedy in the European civilisation’s sources of values. (Étiologie du drame africain...)

Essay in French  by Dr. Priscilla UCHE, based the topic of African Day,s celebration on the 25th May 2005«An effective African Union for a new Africa »   



With regards to Black Continent‘s disastrous situation, how does the debate on the African Union’s ineffectiveness amounts to focalizing on the effects, rather than on the fundamental causes of African’s problems. How does political empowerment, as well as European moral sense constitute rescue measures for Africa, for Europe and for the entire humanity?

The three different aspects of this work are as follows : First of all,  it tends  to gather essential  facts  to demonstrate  the  reality of ills affecting  the Black people all over the world, including  in their  own Continent.

Secondly, …

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